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SACHA envisions a world free of violence and oppression.



SACHA is a feminist, non-profit, community-based organization that provides supports to people who have experienced sexualized violence at any point in their lives.  We work to end violence and oppression through education, advocacy, outreach, coalition building, community partnerships, and activism.



SACHA will challenge social and political structures and systems that contribute to the experience of violence, oppression, and exploitation of all people.


We believe that:

Definition & Roots of Sexualized Violence

•   Sexualized violence is an act of power and control expressed in sexual means.  Although committed by an individual, such sexualized violence is a result of gender and power dynamics and is structurally supported in our culture and institutions.

•   Sexualized violence is a gendered issue. This violence takes place within a social, political, cultural and economic, historical and still ongoing, context of male domination and the disadvantage and oppression of women and children. Both boys and girls are socialized to fit into this system and to perpetuate it, creating a model of toxic masculinity which harms people of all genders.  

•   Therefore, SACHA works from intersectional, equitable, feminist, anti-racist and anti-oppressive frameworks.Working toward the elimination of sexualized violence means recognizing and addressing the layered ways multiple forms of violence are perpetuated in our society.

•   A consent culture, based on equity, is essential to ending sexualized violence.

•   It is essential that we recognize and honour the historical contribution to the anti-sexual violence movement made by women with intersecting identities; criticism that the feminist movement has excluded racialized, trans, Indigenous, lesbian, disAbled and other women is valid and these voices must be heard at SACHA.

Survivors’ Rights

•   Our efforts must be grounded and informed by survivors, who founded our organization.

•   Supporting survivors of sexualized violence to heal requires us to acknowledge that people have multiple identities and experiences of oppression that shape the way they experience and respond to sexualized violence as individuals and communities.

•   People respond to and resist sexualized violence in diverse ways, and it is a person’s right to self-determine how to access safety when experiencing violence or oppression in their life.

•   Survivors of sexualized violence have the right to control their own bodies and their own path to healing.

•   Survivors are never responsible for violence perpetrated against them.

•   Men’s socialization can serve as barriers to male-identified survivors reaching out and receiving support; we are committed to making our services accessible to all genders.


SACHA Organizational Culture

•   SACHA operates as a modified collective, using consensus and collaboration, to ensure all members of SACHA – volunteers, staff, and students – have their voices heard.

•   Self-care and wellness of those working and volunteering at SACHA are a political tool that sustain us in our work.



Services are confidential and free of charge. We respect the right to safety and privacy. 

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