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2017 Take Back the Night - Thank Yous!


Oh WOW! We have some INCREDIBLE people, organizations, businesses, and service groups to thank! These orgs are part of the reason that TBTN magic happens in Hamilton every year. If you're out and about in #HamOnt, please thank them for their SACHA support.

First, our TBTN committee starts working while there is still snow on the ground and puts in hundreds of hours of really not glorious (yet still exciting and very fulfilling) and rarely seen work. Our monthly meetings are full of food and laughter. When we don't meet in the winter, the team truly misses each other.

Thank you TBTN committee: Abarna, Alina, Aileen, Brooke, Crickett, Jessica, Jessie, Jordan, Lorraine, Maggie, Mary, and Roopali.

Thank you to the over fifty TBTN event volunteers who make the event run seamlessly and smoothly. They drive the sound truck, prepare snack, set up tables, wash dishes, help to create safety during the gathering and the march, as well as lots more.

In no particular order, here are our TBTN donors:

Donors of very useful stuff:

Food donors:

Financial donors:

2016 Take Back the Night - Thank You!


We couldn't make Take Back the Night happen in Hamilton without all these amazing people, organizations, and businesses! Next time you see someone from these groups, please thank them for their amazing SACHA support.


2015 Take Back the Night - Thank You!

We have a lot of people to thank for making Take Back the Night 2015 a success!


There is not many words that can describe our TBTN committee volunteers.  Amazing and incredible are a couple but don’t come close to the true awesomeness of these women.  We start meeting and organizing in May and work all summer long.

Volunteers can be found asking local businesses for donations, coordinating volunteers, taking on promoting the event, putting up posters around Hamilton, discussing poster and t-shirt design at a committee meeting, assembling buttons, cutting up handbills, inviting local organizations to table at the event.

Take Back the Night would not be able to happen without your work.

Thank you to the volunteers who help make the event run smoothly.  These folks do everything from carrying giant puppets to serving the food at the end of the night.

And lastly, thank you to our supporters who donate money, food or goods to us.  Without them we would not be able to afford the cost of putting on TBTN and we would not have any food to share at the end of the evening.  The next time you're at their business, please thank them for helping out.

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