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TBTN and Gender

In the past we have invited women-identified folks and their children to Take Back the Night and invited men to a workshop. This left no room for folks who do not identify as either a man or a woman.

This year we’re working to create a space that centres the experiences of survivors who are women and gender non-binary folks.

The sexism and oppression that women and gender non-conforming folks experience are linked. We want to make TBTN a safe(r) space for gender non-conforming folks. We want to work towards ending all forms of oppression and one way is to be inclusive of gender non-conforming folks.

We made this decision partly because trans folks experience ridiculously high rates of violence.


What does this mean the night of TBTN?

We’re inviting women (which for us always includes transwomen because they are women), non-binary folks, and their kids to come to City Hall for the gathering, rally, and march.

We’re asking men to gather at Gore Park at 7:15pm to show support of the folks marching. Bring signs and noise makers!

No one will be policed, approached, or questioned because of their gender presentation at City Hall or at Gore Park.


Gender and Violence

Genderunicorn1Women and gender non-conforming folks experience sexism differently than men. When we look at the gender binary –meaning two ‘opposite’ categories– it tells us that someone can either be a man or a woman, not both, neither, or none of them.

Non-binary folks often don’t fit into those rigid boxes, choosing to be somewhere in between or not in a box at all. These folks are routinely left out of spaces because spaces are often meant for either men or women.


When it comes to presentation, society is set up for us to fall into either the woman box (feminine) or the man box (masculine). GNC folks often experiment with gender presentation –how they choose to present themselves to the world, like through dress, hairstyle, etc– and so they may not look ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’, putting them at risk of harassment and violence. While men are hurt by patriarchy and rigid ideas of gender, women and gender non-conforming folks’ experiences of patriarchy, misogyny, and strict gender rules can lead to extreme forms of violence and even death.


Shout outs            

Thank you to all the LGBQT2SI folks in the community and at SACHA who have challenged and questioned the ways we do things and the decisions that we make at SACHA. It shouldn’t have to be your role to educate folks and we appreciate your time, energy, and gifts. We wouldn’t be SACHA without you.

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