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#1 – I’ve never heard of Take Back the Night

We’ve been celebrating Take Back the Night in Hamilton since 1981 and unfortunately lots of folks have still not heard about it. Just like lots of folks in Hamilton don’t know about the amazing work that SACHA is doing.

Let your friends know about how they can take action to end gendered violence.

Help spread the word about Take Back the Night!

  • Share this post
  • Host a sign making party
  • Got to a solidarity event
  • Invite your friends
  • Let us know why you march


#2 – I didn’t know that sexual assault is an issue in Hamilton

It makes sense that you have not heard that sexual assault is a problem in Hamilton because sexual assault is still not talked about and very hidden. One in three women and one in six men will experience sexual assault in their lifetime.

Part of Take Back the Night is letting people know that sexual assault is still an issue in our community and to also let folks know that people care about ending violence.

For many folks either being a person who cares about ending sexual violence or being a survivor of violence is a really isolating experience.

Joining hundreds of others fighting sexual assault at TBTN can be a powerful reminder that you are not alone – either in your experiences, or in taking a stand against sexual violence.


#3 – I don’t belong there

Some folks worry that Take Back the Night is only for survivors. Or only for survivors who have told their story. Or only for survivors who speak about their story in a certain way or are in a certain place in their healing journey. Or only for activists.

There is no right or wrong way for a survivor to heal or to act.

Women, gender non-conforming folks, and their children are welcome at Take Back the Night.


#4 – I’m worried about the weather

In late fall we could any kind of weather. We’ve had sunny, hot and muggy, chilly, and rainy. We prepare for all sorts of weather but hope for the best.

If the weather is not as awesome you would like, know that folks have told us that some of the more fun Take Back the Nights have happened in the rain.

Also, it can’t rain forever. The rain has to stop sometime.


#5 – I don’t like the idea of an event just for women and gender non-conforming folks

We’ve put a lot of thought into why we continue to organize Take Back the Night as a space for women and gender non-conforming folks to speak out against sexual violence. Please read a couple of the reasons here.


#6 – I don’t have anyone to go with

That’s normal. Sometimes survivors or folks who are passionate about changing our communities can feel isolated. It can be hard to come to events by yourself.

Please know that everyone who comes to the event also cares about ending sexual violence.

You can pop by a solidarity event, like SACHA’s sign making party or other solidarity events, to meet cool folks and to have someone to walk over the event with.

At the event, you can stop by the You Can March With Us table. You'll see at least one person there who will welcome you and is excited that you came.  You can connect with other people who came by themselves or friends who are looking to welcome folks who might be nervous about being there.



#7 – I can’t walk the entire hour-long march

We understand that not everyone is able to walk for an hour long.

Recognizing that some participants use canes, walkers, wheelchairs or scooters or just struggle with walking, we try to have the march happen at a slower pace.

Halfway through the march, at Summer’s Lane, there is a shortcut back to City Hall for folks who would like to only walk in half the march.

If you’d like to participate in the march AND ride in style, both an HSR bus and a DARTS bus will be following the march and available for folks!


#8 – I don’t have enough time 

Past TBTN participants tell us how good they feel coming to the event.

When else is there a gathering this big of women and kids taking to the streets, taking up space, to demand a world without violence?

You can come to part of the event or the entire night.

Pop by for the rally at 6pm to take a peek at the community tables and to make a sign for someone to carry in the march. Get there at 7pm to dance some Zumba with us and see performances. Join the march around downtown Hamilton from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Or stop by City Hall afterwards to chat with folks about how the march went.


#9 – I’m worried about being triggered during the event

There’s lots of energy at Take Back the Night. Being surrounded by folks who care about ending sexual violence, taking up space, dancing together in the streets, being a part of something so big and public can be really powerful.

Take Back the Night can include emotions like joy, happiness, fear, sadness, excitement. All of these are normal responses.

If you need support at the event, there’s supportive listeners at the SACHA table who are ready to help. Also, SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line – 905.525.4162 – is available before, during and after TBTN. Folks are ready to chat about stuff like how it feels to attend a march to end sexual violence.

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