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Every year SACHA gets asked questions about why police are at Take Back the Night (TBTN).  We wanted to answer this important question and share more information about the role of police at TBTN.

We understand and acknowledge that police at Take Back the Night means that some folks will be uncomfortable and some folks will choose not to come to the event.



If we did not have police at TBTN we would either not be able to march at all or would have to march on the sidewalk.

The event is considered a parade by the City of Hamilton. We have to fill out a parade permit to use the City Hall building, the forecourt, and to march in one lane of traffic –  months and months ahead of time. We have to pay the city for one lane of traffic to be closed while we’re marching.

Marching without police or the city’s permission puts SACHA legally and financially at risk if someone is hurt during the march.  This could put SACHA at risk of closing.


Police’s role at TBTN 

There will be three officers: one in a squad car and two on motorcycles. They are there to help with the closing intersections. We cannot request female officers because how paid duty contracts are filled is part of the police union’s agreement with Hamilton Police Services.

We also have twenty awesome marshals, who are SACHA volunteers, and are there to increase safety at the gathering, rally, and march.

If you have questions about Take Back the Night please contact us.

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