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Salve Making Workshop

  • Location: SACHA - 75 MacNab Street South, 3rd Floor, Hamilton ON, L8P 3C1
  • Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Duration: 2h
The backgrounds is an image of tins of salve. Written across the image are the words "Salve Making Workshop" in large white text.

Free salve mak­ing work­shop for all folks who face gen­der based vio­lence. All mate­ri­als will be pro­vid­ed. Learn to make a gen­tle, heal­ing salve for dry win­ter skin.

Learn more about Diverse Com­mu­ni­ties Out­reach Pro­gram, includ­ing our brand new, upcom­ing, Peer Sup­port Net­work Train­ing and our ever pop­u­lar Sewing Cir­cle.

Please reg­is­ter with Danielle
9055254573 ext 230

About the Facil­i­ta­tor:
Stephanie is an indige­nous queer com­mu­ni­ty herbal­ist. She loves to make art and food with the peo­ple she loves. She has been learn­ing about plant med­i­cine for over 10 years.

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