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What Happens at a Zine Fair?

Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair is coming up on Saturday, November 5th!

For lots of folks this will be there first time going to a zine fair and we wanted to let everyone know more about what to expect.

HFZF will have a room FULL of zinesters – folks who make zines and other independent media - chatting about and selling their zines. We will also offer workshops, a zine challenge, and a quiet space if you need it.

Describing HFZF as a collection of tables, zinesters and workshops is like describing Take Back the Night as a time when we get together and march around downtown for an hour with signs.

The magic is in who you meet and what folks are creating.

Many feminists let SACHA know about the isolation that they feel. That they don’t have any friends to chat about feminism, to challenge them or to bounce ideas off of. HFZF is a chance to meet other folks who are thinking about ending patriarchy and oppression and who’ve created some awesome art about it.


There will be over 50 zinsters and creators at HFZF. Check out the update list of who’s coming here.


There is no cost to attend HFZF! Zinesters will be selling zines though, so if you do plan to go home with some new treats it’s a good idea to bring some money.

If you’ve made zines and aren’t tabling at HFZF, it’s a good idea to bring some in case folks want to trade with you. Trading zines is a great way to practice consent. It takes bravery to ask and you have to be prepared to hear either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ or even something in between.


We’ve bring the supplies, you bring the ideas! We've got a zine making crafty space all set up...


Together, we’ll be making a feminist zine in just one day! Pop by the zine making challenge table to create one page of the zine.

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