SACHA - Sexual Assault Centre
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Hamilton Ontario L8P 3C1 Canada
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Have You Heard?

Sacha supports over 6500 people a year.

Are You In?

There are lots of different ways that you can support the work SACHA is doing:

  1. Let the world know about SACHA!
    SACHA's been working to end sexual violence since 1975, yet most folks in Hamilton don't know about us! Tell someone you know about SACHA and all of the supports that we offer!
  2. Become a SACHA monthly donor
    Your donation helps SACHA to continue supporting survivors of sexual assault and work towards a world without violence!
  3. Volunteer at SACHA
    SACHA needs the help of folks who are passionate about ending violence!
  4. C’mon out to a SACHA event
    International Women’s Day, Take Back the Night, rock shows, movie nights,  workshops, panel discussions…  There’s so much to do!
  5. Follow SACHA on Facebook and Twitter
    SACHA happenings, community events, videos, articles and discussion...  See you online!
  6. Speak out
    Everyon has a role in ending sexual violence! There are lots of everyday actions that you can take to prevent sexual assault.  Step up to prevent sexual violence. Confront and question myths about sexual assault!
  7. Lets learn together!
    Learn more about sexual violence - why it happens and how we can create a culture of consent.
  8. Support Survivors
    Because of the high rates of sexual violence, chances are you already know a survivor of sexual assault. Survivors appreciate kind compassionate listening and someone who believes them.
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